Things are different today. The same approaches don’t work. Duh.
Category parity is more easily achieved.
It’s not about reach. It’s not about frequency.
It’s not about production quality or corporate identification.
It’s not about consistency.
It’s not about doing things different.

Arts Ready ArtsLink Half Page Magazine AdIt’s about doing things differently.

It’s about niche marketing, social marketing and relating. It’s about messages to each niche and for each niche.

It’s more about how a consumer receives the message than the message. It’s not just about the brand. It’s about the brand’s relevant value to the individual consumer. Breaking through the clutter doesn’t drive sales. Breaking through apathy does. Hook them with emotion. Make them think. Get them talking. Get them sharing. Buzz not shock. Lead them to buy. Let them laugh. Let them connect. Let it stick.

Creating consumer aspirations alone no longer drives sales. Intentions to purchase are preempted by competitors, life’s complications and their friend’s experience with your brand.

Sales are driven when consumer desire is created and matched in time with uncomplicated opportunity to purchase.

Otherwise, it’s just noise. Clutter. A reminder to change channels. A dare to stop me before I turn the page. Or toss in the recycling. Or the shredder. No reason not to click.

We are in the idea business. But since almost no one will pay us for ideas alone, we also implement those ideas as creative solutions in marketing, advertising, web design, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations – and we do it for clients and agencies.

Our philosophy is very simple: Everything we do, we do to make our clients money. We take that to every meeting and every recommendation is tested against it. We find ways for our clients to compete differently. The result is that our ads and promotions work better. Smarter.