“During my tenure as Director of Sales & Marketing at Swissotel Atlanta, and later as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Swissotel North America, I worked with LeslieEvansCreative. As my advertising and public relations agency for four years, LeslieEvansCreative showed uncommon passion and commitment to our success. In fact, they operated almost like an in-house agency. They consistently demonstrated insightful thought leadership, creativity, and timeliness. They are strategic, tactical, and just plain smart.

“LeslieEvansCreative did such an excellent job in advertising and public relations for the Swissotel Atlanta, that my colleagues at other North American Swissotels retained them for their individual properties then as a national marketing cooperative group, and ultimately, for several Swissotel worldwide programs. Thanks, in part, to their strategic and creative campaigns, public relations, and sales promotion programs, the Swissotel Atlanta was able to gain significant market share in all segments from our nearest competitors, the Ritz-Carlton, Buckhead; and The Hotel Nikko. The “Book Swissotel” sales promotion and direct mail campaign LEC created delivered record business in all segments, was covered by the industry trades, and won an HSMAI Adrian award. The firm also delivered unique ink-generating editorial angles for our public relations programs in consumer and industry trades. They know the hospitality industry well.” – Janis Cannon, Vice President Brand Development, Intercontinental Hotels Group (former Vice President Swissotel)


“LeslieEvansCreative provided EmoryHealthcare with a strategic initiative that was very powerful. The thought leadership that they demonstrated in this endeavor was impressive, insightful, and well thought out. Their strategic direction and tactics were absolutely on target.”Una Hutton Newman (former Senior Director of Marketing, Emory Healthcare)


“LeslieEvansCreative has been our advertising and public relations partner for over ten years, which, to some degree, speaks for itself.  They have been consistently – and uncharacteristically for people in their business – responsive and timely in all their work for us. They do the basics right yet they have also continued to innovate on our behalf in new media and web marketing. From the smallest attention to detail in photographic art direction, to big ideas in public relations and sales promotion, LEC has proven to be loyal, discreet, affordable, and creative.” Andrew Taylor, President, Taylor & Mathis


“Initially, we hired LeslieEvansCreative to help us with a re-branding effort for Lib Properties and our commercial lending product. That was over three years ago, and they are still with us but now they operate as our marketing partner. They guided us in the development of a strategic plan and helped us define our mission, vision and values. They handle all of our advertising, sales promotion and marketing plans. We have seen our loan portfolio increase every year to a point that we are now up by 36%! Even better, they have helped us define and pursue the loan segments and channels we want such that we are getting the customers we want. They have guided us in creating strategic, and specific goals that we are achieving all the way around. They even helped me to define my own approach so that I could better relate to my customers.” Jay Kessler, President, Lib Properties


“I hired LeslieEvansCreative on behalf of The Metro Atlanta YMCA to help develop a strategic annual member retention strategy. With no previous context, they came up to speed quickly and the plan they developed was very hard-working, resourceful, astute, and creative.”Betsy Lenahan, Group VP Marketing/Membership, Metro Atlanta YMCA


“Wow, when you ask for a cool website you get a production that rivals a Hollywood production! This is so…cool. But it is Leslie Creative – why should I expect less? You hit the mark again!” Jim Hamilton, President, Southern Civil Engineers


“LeslieEvansCreative obtained a tremendous amount of press for me as the Executive Chef at Swissotel Atlanta, both in the hotel’s premiere restaurant, and for our catering program. They invariably came up with unique ideas for press coverage, and even landed me a spot on The Today Show during the SuperBowl. Every other chef in town was envious.” Ken Vedrinski, Chef Owner of Sienna, Best New Restaurants,, Esquire Magazine 2004


“I have the privilege and honor of working with Terri Evans who serves as an advisor on PADV’s media and community outreach efforts. Her contributions to PADV have resulted in stronger relations with reporters and editors and increased media coverage. She also provides professional mentoring that has enhanced and strengthened my knowledge and skills in pubic relations.” Susan Berryman-Rodriguez (former Media and Community Relations Director, Partnership Against Domestic Violence)