Our greatest strength is an ability to get results through strategic planning, opportunistic marketing, and creative problem solving. The partner background of extensive client involvement and hands-on experience in creative, media and marketing, combined with a love of our work, pushes us and those we work with to expect more, seek less-traditional solutions and not accept mediocrity.

Advertising – Advertising alone doesn’t work anymore. The power of the media is not enough. To be successful, clients have to learn to sell again and our function is to combine all of the disciplines to drive attention to that selling message.

Creative – Advertising is the entertainment business. You have to compete first with the medium to get attention before you can tell your story. You have to keep your story simple and focused because you have to be understood before you can be believed.

Quality – It is the standard of who you want to be, and your advertising should be consistently superior to your product.

Marketing – Seldom does a product have a truly unique selling proposition. The discipline in marketing is to find ways to compete differently – innovating in packaging, pricing, promotion and delivery of the message.

Clients – We sell objectivity, but we base that first on establishing trust and client friendship.

Media – It is part of the creative discipline. Combining close relationships with our media partners and doing our numbers homework, frees us to the task of being creative in ways to efficiently and effectively reach our client’s targets. Our media solutions are not limited by the expected.

Billing – We spend our client’s money as if it were our own. With a well-run business and fair billing practices, we know that profit will take care of itself.

Business – We offer our judgment – our creative discretion on what will work and what is right for our clients, with consideration to their various stakeholders and the realities of their industry.

Contact us – Email or call 404-625-5848 or knock on our door at 1000 Sea Island Road, #24, St. Simons Island, GA 31522, which also functions as our mailing address. If you still use fax: 1-866-633-8026. We look forward to hearing from you.

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