RR Donnelley Direct Ralph MagazineWhy we’ll get results for you.

Our ads work better. Ordinary, me-too advertising is a waste of money. Misdirected, self-indulgent creative is just as bad. Powerful, compelling, high impact creative means you don’t have to say something ten times to get people to hear it once. That’s creative leverage. And it’s the cornerstone of every ad we do.

We’ll work smarter. Our strength in strategy, thought leadership, and pro-active account service will help you exploit opportunities and lead the market. We find ways for you to compete differently – innovating in the power and delivery of your message.

We’re small enough. You’ll be among the most important accounts we have. You will be working directly with the principals – veterans with 30+ years experience.

My Panini SignageWe’re big enough. The growth philosophy of LeslieEvansCreative is focused and concise. This agency has grown and will continue to grow by selectively working with clients whose philosophies and needs are compatible with the agency’s skills and desires. It is not, nor has it ever been, the philosophy of this agency to grow in to an advertising factory. The principals of the firm wish to be always actively involved in the strategic planning, media and creative process for each client. We listen carefully to understand specific needs and add staff or contract with independent professionals to bring specialized knowledge and talents as needed.

We’re creative specialists. Extraordinary creative is seldom developed in a vacuum. Effective advertising reflects a thorough understanding of target audiences, the strength of the product offering, aptitudes and inclinations of competitors. The term understanding implies more than knowledge of physical characteristics. Interpreting competitors’ actions or attributes can be misleading without a thorough understanding of the consumer environment. We are ready to go to school to learn your industry, your targets, your markets, your cohorts and all your stakeholders.

We’ll spend your money like it’s our own. That includes scrutinizing every dime: in production, media, printing and on-line.

We know the role of sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations in the total marketing mix of your business is critical. We believe Lima Dental Shawnee High Football Program Adthat consistent, on-target solutions are created through the integration of a variety of marketing disciplines, including advertising, sales promotion, direct mail, direct marketing, interactive and internet search optimization, relationship marketing and public relations. This strategy is not new to us – it is the premise of our business. The agency maintains that brand positioning and brand protection, good creative, positive image and product specific sales promotion strategies are not mutually exclusive, but can be simultaneously achieved effectively.

We know enough to place as much importance on the smallest piece of collateral as we do on media and high profile campaigns. We know that collateral pieces are often the ultimate decision influencers.

We believe in zero-based media and consider media a creative function.We also believe placing media is similar to investing in stocks. We do our homework and track trends to assess risk and return and create a diverse portfolio of proven winners and those with appreciation potential. We know the market price and we negotiate like it’s our money. Then we watch the ups and downs and are ready to make adjustments.

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This agency seeks non-traditional solutions that are frequently labor intensive despite the impact on agency profit margins. The days of simply planning a media schedule, shooting pretty pictures and spots, then collecting the commissions are gone.

LeslieEvansCreative believes that increasing – and protecting – market share requires thought leadership, innovation, demand creation, imaginative solutions and hard work. Our philosophy is very simple: Everything we do, we do to make our clients money. It’s a philosophy that we take into every meeting. Every ad , every on-line campaign, and every recommendation we make is tested against it. We may not always be right, but there is never a question of where we’re coming from. We’re in the business of increasing our clients’ business and making you money. We do it by scrutinizing every dime and by marrying a sound strategy to an explosive creative product. The result is communication which stands out in an increasingly competitive marketplace.